Fernando Landeros  began  his  training  as  a  solo  pianist  at  the  age  of  four,  and  completed  his  Bachelor  of  Music  at  The Juilliard  School,  studying  with  Yoheved  Kaplinsky.

In  2005,  he  was  awarded  a  year-­long  artist  residency  grant  from  the  state  of  Guanajuato,  Mexico.  During that  time,  he began  his  work  as  a  collaborative  pianist  and  vocal  coach  working  with  professional  singers, most  notably  Bellas  Artes  star  soprano  Conchita  Julian.  This  grant  also  funded  his  first  full-­length recording.  This  was  the  first  disc  recorded  at  the  state-­of-­the-­art  studio  at  SUNY  Oneonta. The  following  year,  he  was  awarded  another  grant  from  Mexico’s  National  Arts  Council  (Consejo  Nacional para  la  Cultura  y  las  Artes),  which  funded  a  year-­long  research  and  performance  project  on  the  history of  the  piano  sonata,  from  F.J.  Haydn  to  contemporary  Mexican  composer  Federico  Ibarra.

Fernando’s  work  with  singers  inspired him to  pursue  a  Master’s  degree  in  chamber  music  and  art  song performance  at  the  Mozarteum  University  in  Salzburg,  Austria.  There  he  coached  and  collaborated  with university-­ level  singers,  all  of  whom  now  have  professional  careers.

In  2009,  Fernando opened  his  studio  in  Tijuana,  working  with  professional  singers  from  northern  Mexico,  most extensively  with  Cesar  Sanchez,  who  recently  debuted  as  Cavaradossi  in  Tosca  at  the  Staatstheater Kassel,  Germany.

Since  2011,  he  has  worked  as  a  vocal  coach/rehearsal  pianist  for  the  summer  season  of  the  Tijuana Opera.  In  this  role,  he is  responsible  for  coaching  soloists  and  choruses  for  performances  of  full  operas  as well  as  scenes  and  recitals. While  maintaining  his  professional  studio  in  Mexico  during  the  summers,  he further  advanced  his expertise  in  vocal  coaching  and  collaborative  piano  with  a  Doctorate  of  Musical  Arts  in  collaborative piano  at  University  of  Miami.  There  he  studied  with  renowned pianist  Paul  Posnak,  who  has  collaborated  with  Luciano  Pavarotti,  Jennie  Tourel  and  the  Emerson String  Quartet,  among  many  others.  He also  studied  with  esteemed  vocal  coach  Ross  Barentyne-­ Truluck,  whose  coaching  and  collaboration  credits  include  work  with  Martina  Arroyo,  Giuseppe  di Stefano  and  Placido  Domingo.  At  UM,  he worked  with  more  than  a  dozen  university-­level  singers,  as coach  and  collaborator,  as  well  as  studied  and  practiced  college  level  piano  pedagogy.

Outside  of  school Fernando has continued  a long-­standing  collaboration  with  instrumentalists  such  as  Jason Calloway,  cellist  of  the  established  Amernet  Quartet.  He has  experimented  with  new  forms  of collaboration  working  with  the  Rosie  Herrera  Dance  Theater.  Herrera  incorporates  live  classical performance  and  opera  singing  into  contemporary  dance  theater.  He has coached  singers  and  performed  in her  most  recent  work,  Dining  Alone,  in  the  Miami  premiere  at  the  Adrienne  Arsht  Center  for  the Performing  Arts  and  the  New  York  premiere  at  the  Baryshnikov  Arts  Center.

His  Doctoral  Essay  investigated  the  five  art  songs  of  Spanish  composer  Joaquin  Turina  set  to  the  poetry of  Gustavo  Adolfo  Becquer.  He is interested  in  continuing  to  research  and  perform  Turina’s  vocal  work, including  his  infrequently  produced  stage  works.

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  1. What an impressive professonal developmento you have! Congrats. One thing: in the first sentences says “he began my work” is this correct???? Please tell me .
    You do not emntion your participation in tne San Miguel Chamber Music Festiva ant other presentaitions, includin the Teatro juarez one.
    Regards, Me.

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